Sunday, 19 August 2012

In the light of His glory

Just a while ago, I was sitting facing my open window and I was fixing myself ready for church. So I was holding my mirror in my hand, seeing my reflection in a different, clearer light than I had before. This lead me onto contemplating about how we need the light of God to shine in on our lives, so that we can see clearly and not have a distorted or false view of our situations.

Without the light of God in our lives, we can be oblivious to so many mistakes we are making or, more fittingly to my scenario, we can be blind to God's divine plan that He is working in our lives. We can look at our situations and think to ourselves...oh, this is terrible, where is God in all this?, what have I done to deserve this?, my wilderness is hopeless...etc, etc. But when the light of God's glory is shining in our lives, we can start to see what God is trying to achieve through us, how we can bring Him glory through our situations and how He has never let us have more than we can bear.

Most of the time, however, we are very similar to the Israelites, who were travelling through the wilderness, yes, but they were in darkness (not literally). They forgot where God had brought them from, His promises to them, the fact that He chose them and that every good work that He began in them He was faithful to complete. Instead, they murmured, complained, made idols for themselves...etc. Geographically, the journey they took in the wilderness was an 11 day journey, but it took them 40 years to get there and, because of their ways during the journey, they didn't even get to see the promised land. If they had just looked past the surface of all their problems, trusting in God and letting His  glory shine the light on their every move and in areas where it may seem to be negative or troublesome (ref. to the manna from Heaven incident), fixing their eyes on the glory and light of God, they would have seen how God is providing for them and they would have made it to the promised land and it wouldn't have taken a month, let alone 40 years!!!!

Proof that complaining never makes a change and it can actually delay the promises God has made us from being fulfilled in our lives. Let's not elongate any journeys we make or any trials we face. We just need to fix our eyes on Jesus and everything will turn out fine!

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