Wednesday, 13 June 2012

why do I have a blogger?

I don't know how this works....but I decided to create a blog because I saw my friends blog and I thought that's really cool so let me make one for myself. My purpose for this blog is to share the gospel message to as many people as I can and hopefully encourage people on their journey, and with all these new mediums because of technology that mean we can connect with almost anyone, we can all reach a lot more people with the gospel message, which is like...the purpose.

For many years now, I have had a really negative state of mind and that has affected my self perception and esteem, but I have learnt many lessons and now I am tring to live more Christlike. So, because I enjoy talking and encouraging people having learnt many life lessons, I want to ensure that everybody who reads my blogs (or posts in blogs) or personally associates with me, has a right state of mind and if I can encourage them to adopt one then I will do so, because the commandment God gives us is to 'love one another' and real love is selfless in that it helps others. It helps and comforts the hurting people, listens to and accompanies the lonely, feeds the poor ...etc, provides for those nobody provides for and ultimately real love is not selfish in any shape or form.

So this is my blog! I hope it inspires or encourages somebody...

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